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Goals of the CFPA

The Cape Fear Paddlers Association was formed to promote kayaking and canoeing in the waters within the Cape Fear Region. The intent is to help our members and guests enjoy, protect, and improve these areas through our involvement.









During the early spring of the year 2001, a small group of both experienced and novice paddlers got together to discuss ways to share information and experiences about kayaking and canoeing in the Cape Fear Region. Our first meetings generally took place in conjunction with the local paddling retailers' demo days, at either Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, or near Banks Channel in Wrightsville Beach, or after hours at the local branch of Pro Canoe and Kayak.

Our first club sponsored event was a trip on the Northeast Cape Fear River, with a put in at the NC Fish and Game Ramp near Route 117 in Castle Hayne. Amazingly four people actually showed up in three boats, and the trip was a great success. Our second event, on Holly Shelter Creek, drew 13 people, and, aside from overshooting our take-out, turned out to be a nearly perfect day.

The prevalence of marsh and estuarine areas, the Intracoastal Waterway, and nearby rivers and streams make this an ideal area for enjoying the water environment in paddle craft.

About Meetings

Please check our calendar for details on time and location, as the meeting location varies.  We tend to enjoy a program, a paddle, or both. Programs include lessons on safety, tides and currents, guest speakers, and presentations from other associations.

To get more information about meeting times, check the calendar, or join our mailing list.

What do we do?

The Club participates in day trips, overnight camping, paddle sweeps, race participation, and any other events at which we are invited to participate.  The CFPA also tries to coordinate with local retailers in promoting and supporting events such as demos, clinics, and sales. 

Join Us!

We welcome guests. Guests are encouraged to come paddle with us and come to the meetings. Get to know us and decide if you would like to join us



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