Bradley Creek

Bradley Creek is one of the most typical (and easily accessible) of the "Intracoastal Six": Futch, Pages, Howe, Bradley, Hewletts, and Whiskey Creeks. It is also the second longest after Hewletts Creek. The creek is relatively wide, with a mixture of marinas, upscale development, and forest throughout it's course. Airlie Gardens can be glimpsed on the north shore. There are many oyster beds that can become tricky near low tide.
Paddling west from the Intracoastal, the creek forks into two directions: the northwest branch, and the southwest branch. The northwest branch is much longer, passing under Oleander Drive and Wrightsville Avenue, and becomes ever narrower until you can no longer push forward. The southwest branch can be paddled up to a pipe at Wrightsville Avenue, which is too low to allow passage.

DIRECTIONS: Cross the drawbridge into Wrightsville Beach, launch at the wildlife ramp area, and travel South down the Intracoastal until you see the big sign on the pilings that says "Bradley Creek Marina" - you can't miss it!
Difficulty Easy
Hazards Bottom! Be sure you are no more than 2 hours +/- low tide, since the tidal variation here is great and the creek becomes tricky at low water, especially with all the oyster beds that can scratch up your hull
Time/Distance 3.5 Miles
Serenity Urban at the boat launch and the ICW (especially on a weekend afternoon. Once you get past the marina, there are houses along the banks.
Map Map Coming Soon!