Carolina Beach Canal

This trip originates at the Fish & Wildlife boat ramp off Spencer Farlow Drive in Carolina Beach. You have 3 options from here: You can explore Snows Cut to the west (see CAROLINA BEACH STATE PARK), head south along the Carolina Beach Canal, or paddle north on the Intracoastal to Carolina Beach Inlet and the southern tip of Masonboro Island. The Canal can be safely explored all the way down to the yacht basin if you stick to the edges. This trip is nothing but docks and houses, but the water is calm and the variety of houses and boats is interesting. The trip to the Inlet is very scenic, with only some houses along the west bank.

DIRECTIONS: The Fish & Wildlife boat ramp is off of Spencer Farlow Drive in Carolina Beach, on Annie Drive, where your put-in & take-out is. There's plenty of parking.

Difficulty Snows Cut - Easy to Moderate, depending on winds & currents, Carolina Beach Canal - Easy, Inlet Trip - Moderate to Hard, depending on wind & currents and how far you want to push through the inlet into the ocean
Hazards Boat traffic, rough water in the inlet with mixed currents and large swells. Best time for this trip is approaching low tide. TIME: Each of the 3 trips can be done in 1-2 hours
Time Your call
Serenity Snows Cut see CAROLINA BEACH STATE PARK. The Canal is completely civilized - it's all about people, their houses, and their boats. Inlet trip - mainly wilderness but with some signs of human intrusion and several houses. Masonboro Island and the Inlet, however, are completely wild and rugged.
Map Carolina Beach Wildlife Ramp