Clarks Landing

Off the bat, taking trips from Clarks Landing requires that you familiarize yourself with the waterways surrounding it. Study a good map of the area (NC Atlas & Gazetteer, MapQuest, or TIGER maps online are good), and bring one on your first trips while you get to know the area.

Clarks Landing, in southern Pender County, has a public boat ramp on lower LONG CREEK, which gives access to MORGAN, TURKEY, and PRINCE GEORGE (northwestern New Hanover County) creeks. Morgan Creek is the creek in- between Long and Turkey creeks. All of these empty into the Northeast Cape Fear River and are tidal; Morgan empties into lower Long Creek. One great trick around here is to learn to use the cross-cut between lower Morgan Creek and the river. It may not appear on maps, but it will shave a few miles off most trips begun at Clarks Landing.

Morgan and Turkey creeks are each 3-4 miles long and similar in nature: they flow through beautiful marsh forests and are completely wild except for a few hunting cabins. Morgan is the narrowest (but quite deep), Prince George is the widest but shallow in some spots, and Turkey Creek shouldn't be run past the hunting cabin on the left because it splits into many channels and loses itself soon after.

The Prince George is 5-6 miles can be paddled. It is not shallow, but quite deep. the upper part has low bluffs, a few hunting cabins, and some very nice houses here and there. the creek strangely also takes you through some rural areas with horse pastures.

DIRECTIONS: Drive north away from town on Highway 117, then hang a left on Highway 133. After about 5 miles you will get to a 5-way junction; hang a left on Clarks Landing Loop Road. After about 2 miles, you will reach a t-junction; hang a left. Continue all the way to the end of the line (the last stretch is dirt), where the boat ramp is located. All trips are begun by paddling away left from the boat ramp, and where you go from there is entirely up to you!

Difficulty Moderate only because you need to do more navigating than usual
Hazards The occasional boater
Time Depending on your plans you can paddle around for an hour, or you can take an entire day (starting early) to explore all of Morgan, Turkey, and Prince George creeks, and make it back to Clarks Landing before dark.
Serenity Varies
Map Clark's Landing Map