Holly Shelter Creek

Holly Shelter Creek is a very pristine, long creek in the heart of Pender County. There are some houses, but most of it is undeveloped, and much of it courses through Holly Shelter Game Land. The creek eventually meets the Northeast Cape Fear River, and is characterized by many bluffs 10-30 feet high. As a matter of fact, there are few places where the surrounding land is flat. Aside from the few houses, both sides of the creek have long stretches of forest, including some cypress here and there. One unique feature of this creek is the profusion of dwarf palmettos, unusual for this northern inland location.

DIRECTIONS: (Pender Cty) - From Burgaw, take Highway 53 east, then take a right on State Road (SR) 1523
Difficulty Easy to Moderate, depending on distance traveled.
Hazards Be sure you know how to get back to your entry point. Lack of current may make it difficult to find the channel.
Distance The creek is 14 miles long. Your time and distance will depend on how far you wish to go.
Serenity Very few houses, very few people!
Map Map Coming Soon!