Town Creek

Town Creek is a beautiful, pristine tidal creek in Brunswick County. It is very long, and the channel usually is deep enough even during low tide for many miles inland, and quite easy to follow. It passes a mixture of open grassy and reedy areas, and marsh forests. There is very little human intrusion for almost its entire length, save a few houses and hunting cabins here and there.

DIRECTIONS: There are two possible put-ins and take-outs: The Highway 133 bridge (close to where the creek empties into the Cape Fear River) and Highway 17, which is many miles further inland. At the Highway 133 bridge you can also park at the convenience store and use their easement to the creek, if you ask permission.

Difficulty Easy
Hazards Occasional fishing boats, possible downed trees in the upper reaches
Time You can paddle for an hour, or it may take you an overnight to explore the entire creek, it's up to you how far you want to go - Town Creek runs for over 25 miles from its beginning to the Cape Fear River. It is best to explore the creek in sections, so it is good to look at a map to get a general idea of where you want to go and have been. It is possible to paddle the creek in one day if you start very early at one end and have a shuttle parked at the other (don't forget the beautiful section from Highway 133 to the river!).
Serenity This creek is well-known for its beauty and wildlife - this is definitely one of the wilderness jewels in our area
Map Town Creek Map!