Cape Fear River - Castle Hayne

From downtown Wilmington take 133N past Castle Hayne.  Just before the road crosses the Northeast Cape Fear, there is a road on the right with a wildlife access sign.  The boat launch is 100 yards from this intersection.

From the launch, you may travel to your right, under the I40 overpass, or you may travel left, which will take you under 133 and past a small river park.  This trip is probably going to be based on the tide, so be aware of the current and wind conditions, and try to make your paddle back to the dock a 'down current' paddle.

Difficulty More Difficult - Boat wakes on hot summer days, shifting currents.
Hazards Nothing out of the ordinary, except maybe the occasional yahoo in a powerboat with a large wake.
Time 1 - 2 hours.; is a good easy trip out and back, but you may go as far as you want (depending on the tidal conditions... try not to end up traveling 'upstream' for the last part of your trip)
Serenity Usually busy with bass and ski boats on weekends and warm holidays.
Map Castle Hayne Map!
Geocache Nearby Old Bridge Cache