Fort Fisher - The Basin

This site is easy to access.  Follow route 421 S. to the end.  There is a sand beach on the other side of the boat launch, which makes launching kayaks very easy.

You can start out to the north (left) and paddle on the edge of the marsh, or you may go to the right and follow the channel past Zeke's island and towards Bald Head.  Be aware of the tides here, as narrow channels make for swift currents.  Sand bars that were covered by high tide become exposed at low tide, and you may end up walking partway home.  During the summer, you may be able to find a crossover to the beach and take a dip on the ocean side.

Difficulty Easy to Moderate depending on tide, wind, and distance
Hazards Tide and Currents, some boat traffic
Time 1 hour around the main basin, as long as you like if you want to travel further than that
Serenity Can be pretty crowded at launch site, but 15 minutes of paddling and you can find a tidal creek that's all yours.
Map Fort Fisher
Geocahe Nearby Zeke's Island Geocache