Greenfield Lake

Greenfield Lake - Wilmington

Near Downtown Wilmington. This lake is a small treasure within the city limits. Cypress trees, turtles, birds, and an occasional alligator!

The lake was created in the 1930's from the old Greenfield property. It is graced with many towering cypress trees, and has a 5-mile pedestrian/bike path encircling it. In the spring and summer, various flowers (especially azaleas) bloom in profusion.

From Downtown Wilmington, take 421 S. (Third Street) about a mile, where 421 turns left at a light. Stay in the left lane and turn left at the next street, about 50m past the light. The boat launch and parking lot are on the left.

Put in at the boat launch and go either straight or to the right. The best thing to do here is just explore the lake, paddle slowly to watch animals, and enjoy the view. When you're ready to get out, turn back to the boat launch.

Note: The lake is usually drained in the winter, and towards the end of summer, the algae is pretty thick. Best time is spring and early summer!
Difficulty Easy - Take your kids!
Hazards Nothing other than plenty of poison ivy on the trees surrounding the lake
Time 1 - 2 hours.; 45 minutes to travel the whole lake without stopping;
Serenity Surprisingly, you won't see a lot of people, except maybe near the paddleboat rental area.; You can hear city noises, but; the lake will most likely belong to you.
Map Greenfield Lake Map!