Lilliput Creek to McKinzie Pond

This little creek in Brunswick County is most definitely a place where you won't see any other human life forms!  Make sure you catch a rising tide on the way in, and don't stay too long as the tide falls, or you may be portaging across some fallen logs.  It is, however, well worth the effort if you can make it 'up the creek'

This trip is like a time machine back to when Brunswick county was not much more than swamps and rice plantations.  You will pass by a few very old roads and bridges on the way in!

Difficulty More Difficult Many obstructions at low tide, muddy take-out at low tide.
Hazards - Narrow, busy road at the takeout area, and the drivers don't seem to want to slow down here, so be careful.
- Fire Ants by the thousand on the roadside... watch where you step as you unload your boat
- Strainers and low branches can be challenging in narrow areas of the creek
Time 2 - 3 hours.; to go to McKinzie Pond and back
Serenity Just you, the bugs, and the snakes out here!
Map Lilliput Creek Map!