River Road Park

Cape Fear River - River Road Park Access

This launch site is usually not too crowded, and the sandy beach is an easy put-in at mid to high tide. It gets kinda muddy at low tide! You can paddle north towards Barnard's Creek and stay out of the shipping channel. If the weather's nice, you can paddle across the channel to Campbell Island and explore the other side of the river. Be aware of the tide and weather! They can both change quickly here!
Take River Road south from Wilmington, towards Carolina Beach. River Road Park will be on the right about halfway between Wilmington and Carolina Beach.

Difficulty Easy to Difficult depending on tide, wind, and distance
Hazards Tide and Currents, occasional large boat wakes
Time One hour to explore the dredge spoils nearby to as long as you want to explore the Cape Fear.
Serenity Some fishing boats, large boats if you venture into the shipping channel
Map River Road Launch
Geocahe Nearby River Road Geocache